Social Responsibility in Casidra

learnerships2Social investment is the area in which South African companies can truly make a difference to the less advantaged communities. It is about building trust and relationships among the communities you work with. At Casidra we take this responsibility very seriously not only on an organization level but also on an individual (employee) level. The nature of work Casidra does amongst the communities is primarily about social upliftment.

Non-core work included:

  • Collection and distribution of computers,
  • Collection and distribution of library books,
  • Collection and distribution of needlework materials,
  • Support to learnerships, volunteerism and training,
  • HIV/AIDS support initiative.

All these are contributed to the needy communities.

Collection and Distribution of computers and library books

Casidra source old computers and furniture from various institutions such as government departments and other corporate institutions. Most of these computers are outdated and have to be repaired/upgraded before distribution. Therefore, Casidra also collect and source parts to fix as many donated old computers as possible. Our IT department re-build these computers. Thereafter, it gets distributed according to the requests received and to the needy communities we work with.

Casidra supports community library initiatives. Books are collected from various stakeholders within the province and distributed to various community libraries in Kranshoek, Haarlem, Amalienstein, Leeu Gamka, etc. Some of the books, not needed for libraries are taken to schools and early learning centres.

needleworkNeedlework off-cuts material

Casidra has created working relationships with the clothing and furniture factories such as Hippo Rock in Paarl and Wunders Furniture in Salt River to collect off-cuts material for needlework projects. These materials are collected and distributed to the needy needlework projects in Kranshoek, Murraysburg, Nelspoort, Leeu Gamka and Merweville. The groups find this material very helpful and important as they use it for various sewing purposes.



learnershipsLearnerships and Volunteerism

Graduates, learners and other people need to be equipped with knowledge and given full support in their different ventures and endeavours. Government’s initiative for learnerships is supported by Casidra and as a fully committed and responsible organization we assisted some individuals from the community. When possible learners are accepted to do their in-service training in order to obtain their qualifications or experience. The extent of the assistance depends on the availability of office space and the nature of work the learner require.

Furthermore, to help our country to fight the high rate of unemployment, people are employed on short-term contract to assist different departments experiencing back log. Meanwhile, others volunteered in various RED Door Centres in order to gain experience.


hivHIV/AIDS Programme

HIV/AIDS is one of the country’s major challenges because there is no cure and we continue to lose our friends and families within various communities. Casidra took initiative to support and help some community members. Casidra’s personnel have adopted an organization (“Helping Hands”) which takes care of orphans affected and infected by this terrible disease. Staff makes donations from their own salaries to contribute towards the food and other necessities of children. This organization is based in Wellington and needs more assistance from the private sector.

If you’ll like to make donations or any contributions, you’re welcomed to contact PR/Communications Manager, Experience Matshediso at Tel: 021863-5000 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.