Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations

Many agricultural developments are included under the activities listed under the NEMA Act (Act 107 of 1998) and require authorisation from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DP) before development can take place.


The Unit for Technical Assistance (hereinafter referred to as the Unit) is envisaged as a support facility for the client of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture to co-ordinate internal and external expertise for project appraisal and enterprise planning at various stages of the programme and project management life cycles requiring technical input. The Unit is a formally established structure hosted by Casidra. The Western Cape Department of Agriculture established this unit within its Farmer Support and Development Programme under the auspices of Casidra, as an implementing agent which will be responsible for the co-ordination, management and secretariat functions related to the unit.

Definition of terminology commonly used within the UTA

Description of the intensity of the exercise


Is an evaluation of a specific business element or proposal to test the outcome of the specific plan. Parameters for performance measurement will be supplied by the applicant. The principles will be tested against sound technical knowledge and advice. Financial models are developed in a summarised version with some substantiating of it.