TENDER NO: 1/2017

  • Date Created: Tuesday, 18 April 2017
  • Closure Date: 20 April 2017
  • Locality: PHILLIPPI



To procure a service provider to develop a socio-economic agricultural plan inclusive of the existing Philippi Horticultural Area (PHA) as a protected and preserve area to unlock sustainable economic opportunities through a multi-stakeholder approach.


A study report should cover the following:

1. Develop an inclusive socio-economic agricultural plan for the PHA as an integral urban agricultural protected zone within the Metropolis (an area map will be provided);

2.  Unlocking of other economic catalytic projects and the integration of all primary and secondary agriculture opportunities within a mixed-use development, through a shared partnership by the 3-tiers of government, other business entities and relevant vested agricultural stakeholders (inclusive of current farmers), with the nucleus being agricultural development (PHA), thus creating opportunities for small, medium and commercial enterprises as economic hubs and to the benefit of the greater Metropolis;

3.  To look at creating a ‘buffer zone’ around the PHA, including the creation of development opportunities of specialised industries as job creation avenues for the surrounding community;

4.  Improved security and surveillance of the designated area as a ‘security deterrent’, given the spate of theft, crime, illegal dumping /waste disposal, etc., in order to establish a more orderly and regulatory environment;

5.  Optimal utilisation of available land within the scope of the Spatial Development Plan/Framework of the City of Cape Town and the regulatory prescripts and directives applicable to Land Use Management;

6.  To look at the various funding models through a shared partnership structure by vested interest key parties (3-tiers of government) and other investors;

7.  Determination of the current mix of land ownership holders, i.e. PLAS, LRAD, privately owned, etc.

8.  Determine the appropriate risk model and risk mitigating variables as well as a governance and management structure to manage and oversee a multi-tier partnership and multi-disciplinary project of this kind;

9.  An analysis of all  existing business enterprises, i.e. what is the mix of farmers and their market access and determine their future economic growth / job creation potential for the PHA and such enterprises;

10.  Scientific analysis and of the quality and quantity of water resources; including the Aquifer; 

11.  Confirmation of the quality and quantity of water resources; including the Aquifer;

12.  Compile and present a comprehensive socio-economic agricultural plan underpinned by reliable and substantive material and economic evidence to be submitted to the Office of the Branch Head: Agricultural Development and Support Services.

13.  Provide specific practical operational recommendations to unlock economic opportunities


Bidders must meet the precondition that any subcontracting of the tender must be to companies whose ownership is 50% Black owned.


Appointed service provider will meet with the client (WCDOA) to determine and agree on the most suitable process flow and methodology (ies) to ensure that the specific deliverables and desired outcomes are attainable within the duration of the study.

In accordance with Casidra’s Preferential Procurement Policy, BEE qualified bids will receive preferential scores.

BID DEADLINE: The closing date for the bid is 20 April 2017 strictly at 12H00.

Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked as Bid No. and placed in the tender box available at Reception, Casidra’s Head Office, 22 Louws Avenue, Southern Paarl.

For bid enquiries/ technical enquiries, kindly contact Mr B Namoobe at Tel No.: (021) 863 5000. 

All bids above R30 000 will be subjected to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act and regulations, whereby B-BBEE certified service providers will receive a preferential score.