TENDER NO: 27/2017 Re-advertisement

  • Date Created: Tuesday, 25 July 2017
  • Closure Date: 18 August 2017
  • Locality: WESTERN CAPE



The services of environmental educaters are required to implement the Junior LandCare Small Grant Project. Note: Small Grants to a minimum value of R20 000 and a maximum value of R50 000 will be awarded for individual projects.

The scope of works will include:
The service provider to submit a project proposal that addresses the following focus areas: Sustainable Resource Management which links to these four (4) themes;
- Water (water cycle, water life, learners are required to do the miniSASS exercise)
- Indigenous & Alien (Invasive) plants and trees in the Western Cape
- Waste Management, Energy and Recycling
- Soil Life, Erosion, Horticulture and Composting
Note: Topics and lesson material developed should also be linked to the school curriculum.

CRITERIA (links to scope of works):
- Relevance of topics, linked to the current school curriculum.
- Number of learners to be reached with preference to youth in rural communities from Grade 5 to 7.
- Indication of areas that will be targeted as well as a location map.
- Co-funding support and buy-in from partners or other funders.
- The experience must be practical and hands on for the youth (as appose to Power Point presentations in a class room environment) with inter active work sheets and exercises.
- The outcomes of the lessons must be clear, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.
- Tangible measures used to reach outcomes.
- The process and progress of the project to be monitored and evaluated.
- Provide a project schedule, listing all activities and the duration.
- Ability to communicate effectively with project manager (i.e. calls, emails etc.).
- Maintain excellent admin skills (i.e. attendance registers, feedback reports with high quality photographs, invoices, learning material
- All administrative documentation required as proof of evidence by LandCare to be submitted to the DoA in a timely manner.
- Activities must happen between 18 August 2017 and 15 December 2017.

A fully completed Project Proposal clearly indicating:
- The project’s measurable objectives
- Lesson material and Assessment material
- Practical Exercises
- Target group and number of individuals that will benefit from the funding
- A fully completed Project Implementation Plan / Schedule
- A fully completed Project (Itemised) Budget and Cash Flow Projection inclusive of the cost per learner
- List of co-funding partners

Documents are available at Casidra SOC Ltd, 22 Louws Avenue, Southern Paarl. Documents can also be obtained from Ms Bridgette Bartes via email on bbartes@casidra.co.za.

In accordance with Casidra’s Preferential Procurement Policy, this bid as further indicated in CBD 5.1 is subject to:

- a pre-compliance criteria (see scope of works);
- a functionality compliance test;
- B-BBEE certified bids will receive preferential scores.

BID DEADLINE: The closing date for the bid is 18 August 2017 strictly at 12H00.

Bids can be emailed to bbartes@casidra.co.za. Faxed copies will be accepted only if receipt is confirmed by telephone. Faxes can be send to 086 559 1120 and telephonically confirmed at 021 863 5000.

All bids above R30 000 will be subjected to the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act and regulations, whereby B-BBEE certified service providers will receive a preferential score.